Healthy foods can still be fun

Clean Eating Tips

• Learn the Dirty Dozen and try to purchase organic when possible.

•Buy the Dirty Dozen in Frozen Section to help the wallet.

• Drink up to 2 Liters of H2O per day.

• Learn your Labels. Long ingredient lists that contain “human-made” chemical are considered a No-No!

• Learn About Food Additives & Avoid

• Avoid Processed Foods
*White Flour, Sugar, Pastas & Breads
*Artificial Sweeteners
*Food Dyes
*Energy Drinks
*Canola, Soybean & Corn Oil

• Watch your Portions

• Stay on the Outside Perimeter of the grocery store
This is where your produce, meats, dairy & grains are located.

• Get the Whole Family on Board
The whole family needs to get healthy and what better way then to do it together!