Healthy foods can still be fun

Some things just come together.

It’s a story of two ships passing in the night, really! We are two southern girls filled with southern charm, but somehow missed each other over a course of a decade. We went to the same college, University of South Carolina, and majored in the same field, both involved in Greek life, had the same large circle of friends and even worked slinging drinks for the same boss man. However, we had no clue who the other was until about a year ago.

We were both trying to get back in shape after the birth our youngest babies and around 5 months postpartum, found each other.

We live in different towns, but with the grace of social media, somehow our ships finally ran smack into each other. We were involved in the same fitness program, which involved exercise and clean eating. We started chatting now and then, about how insanely awesome it would be if we formed a website that could teach large masses of people how to become healthy.

Over the course of a year we have worked as a team talking with friends and family, getting ideas and feedback. We created a test group to monitor personal progress and have been amazed with the results.

We realized during this time becoming more aware of ones health had nothing to do with eating right or being persistent with an exercise program; but everything to do with both! You simply must have nutrition and exercise in order to come full circle with your health.

After many, many nights of creating clean recipes, tips, facts, stories and finding an amazing personal trainer to create workouts based on your needs and wants we are ready to launch this puppy! We are two strong-willed, bright-eyed women who want to share our experiences and story with the world! Oh, and hopefully Dr. Oz (so if you have any connections please feel free to let us know)! We honestly hope you enjoy this program and we hope it can help you and your family come full circle with your health as well.

Enjoy & XOXO,

Macy and Leigh

Macy Covington


Leigh Smoak


Karina Cross


Charles Russ

Fitness Personality

  • “Our goal is really simple, to see people live heathly active normal lives. Clean Eats 101 is just the starting point for most.”

    ^ Macy

  • "We are real gals with real lives like anyone else and we want people to know that Clean Eats 101 is a no strings attached program that isn’t a gimmick. We want people to feel good about their decision to trust us and focus strictly on themselves and improving their well being."

    ^ Leigh

  • “Clean eating isn’t all about losing inches. It’s about ridding your body of unwanted toxins. Losing a few inches is just a bonus!”

    ^ Macy

  • "For once in my life I feel as though I have total control over one of the most important things in life and making the best decisions for me and my body has given me a newfound confidence after 30 plus years."

    ^ Leigh

  • “It’s supposed to be hard, if it were easy, everyone could do it. Well we have made this program so easy that anyone Can do it!”

    ^ Macy

  • "After discovering the clean eating lifestyle I immediately felt a sense of freedom from the years of fad diets and restrictions."

    ^ Leigh

  • "A correct pushup is boobies to the floor."

    ^ Karina

  • "You should be happy that you can feel pain."

    ^ Karina

Who We Are

We are women from different backgrounds, different states, countries and upbringing. We have been overweight, underweight, flabby and toned. We have tried all the diet fads and fitness trends that have been offered. We have been single, divorced, and married. We have been full-time students, full- time employees and full-time mommies. Because of our diverse personalities we have been able to create this amazing program helping empower individuals by bringing “health and wellness” into their lives and to the lives of their families.

What We Do

We created Clean Eats 101 as a tool for the “average” person to be able to utilize. We have a personal trainer who has created exercises that you are able to access and complete in the comfort of your own home. We have a certified nutritionist who has created hundreds of clean eating recipes, as well as, loads of nutrition & cooking tips. Our business developer has studied thousands of different men and women of all ages, backgrounds and body types to figure out exactly what we need to provide to our clients. Clean Eats 101 is the whole package and bringing heath and wellness to everyone is simply what we do!

Why We Do It

Clean Eats 101 wants everyone to be able to have the same opportunity to become healthy. We want everyone to have a personal trainer and nutritionist. We want everyone to have access to tips on how to eat healthy on a budget and other clean eating tricks. We want busy moms and dads to be able to create a home-cooked meal for their kids when they get home from work in less than 10 minutes and for the college student to be able to workout in their dorm room without paying for a gym membership. We are doing this because we want everyone to get a chance to eat healthier, get stronger and live longer. That is our why. Now, tell us yours…